Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

May 26, 2022

It’s that time of the year again: hurricane season. In Texas, we sometimes need to expect the unexpected, so it’s best to plan and prepare.

1. Make sure you have emergency supplies

If possible, stock up on water, food, medicine, flashlights, batteries, etc., so you have one less thing to worry about. It can also be helpful to fill up your sinks with drinking water and your bathtubs with bathing water, in the case of no running water during and/or after the storm.

2. Clean up your yard/outside of your home

To make sure nothing from your yard damages your home, trim any trees surrounding the house so they don’t cause any ruin, due to the strong winds. Be sure to also clear your yard of any lawn furniture, grills, outdoor equipment, etc., and move them somewhere where they can’t be blown by the wind and possibly affect your house.

3. Secure the windows

Making sure your windows are secure and sealed is important to prevent any wind and/or water damage to the inside of your home. You may want to check all your windows to ensure there are no gaps and determine whether you will need to reseal your windows to close those gaps. If you know a severe storm is on the way, you might want to consider installing shutters to your windows for extra protection against wind and debris.

4. Check your roof

The roof of your home is another important factor to consider when securing your home, as it can be the most vulnerable to damage. Make sure the shingles on your roof are solid and stable enough to not be as affected by the storm. If not, it is recommended to replace them or even switch them out for specialized shingles that are impact-resistant for an extra layer of security.

5. Prepare for evacuation if need be

Keep all your essentials - chargers, medication, identification, etc. – close by or in an emergency kit in the case of a mandatory evacuation, so you don’t waste any time looking for things or risk forgetting an essential item. Another way to prepare is to create an evacuation plan; take note of possible shelters to go to and have several, safe routes you can take to get there.

It is always the hope that one won’t need to go to these extra lengths during hurricane season, but by taking added precautions in securing your home and making a plan, you can focus more on the safety and wellbeing of you and your family.