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Sunny days, sandy beaches and a culture unlike any other in Texas. Corpus Christi does things its own way, and we’re proud to do the same. At Lone Star Energy, we know how important it is to have a reliable electricity company when you live on the Gulf Coast. That’s why we offer great customer service and a wide range of power plans, from 100% renewable to free nights and free weekends.   

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Why Lone Star Energy?Why Lone Star Energy

Finding a great electricity plan for your home or apartment shouldn’t be hard. In a world of overly complicated power plans and endless options, it’s hard to know what a good deal is or who you can trust. We know how that feels, which is why we’ve set out to do something different. Instead of celebrity spokespeople and fancy gimmicks, we offer no-nonsense power plans, fair rates and the kind of customer service we’d want for our families. Lone Star has always been about doing things differently. After all, that’s the way Texans have always done things.  

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Why We Love Corpus Christi

Scenic shorelines, warm ocean breezes, great food, outstanding art and so much more. The better question is: what’s not to love about Corpus Christi? Perhaps best known for its more than 100 miles of beaches, this Gulf Coast city is one of the top spots around for birdwatching, surfing, kiteboarding and deep-sea fishing. But that’s not all Corpus Christi has to offer. Home to more than 300,000 people, it has one of the lowest costs of living of a major city in Texas. Family-friendly, laid back and full of unique things to see and do, Corpus Christi is one of the best places to live in the Lone Star State.   

How Do I Switch to Lone Star Energy?

It’s easy to join the Lone Star Energy family! All you need to do is:

  • 1Check when your current plan ends
  • 2Enter your zip code and click Shop Plans
  • 3Choose a plan and continue your enrollment
  • 4We’ll contact AEP Texas to complete your switch
  • 5Your new electricity plan will begin on your start date

There’s no need to contact your current provider; we’ll handle the switch for you. Plus, your service won’t be interrupted, and you’ll keep the same meter and power lines you had before. 

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Other Communities We Serve

We offer first-rate electricity service in deregulated communities throughout Texas. This includes: 

Frequently Asked Questions about Electricity Service in Corpus Christi

  • Who provides electricity in Corpus Christi?

    Electricity customers in Corpus Christi are served by many power companies. However, the party responsible for transmitting the electricity to your home, otherwise known as the Transmission and Distribution Utility, is AEP Texas. Corpus Christi and much of central and South Texas is served by AEP Texas Central. To report a power outage, downed power lines or any other safety hazards, click here.
  • Is Corpus Christi part of Texas’ deregulated energy market?

    Yes, Corpus Christi is among the largest cities in Texas that is part of the deregulated electricity market. For consumers like you, this means you can choose your power company. AEP Texas delivers electricity to your home while providers like us offer power plans and handle billing and customer service.
  • How can I save on my electricity bill in Corpus Christi?

    Corpus Christi has hot summers and mild winters. As such, you’ll likely use the most electricity in the summer when your air conditioner is running more than any other time of the year. Given Corpus Christi’s climate, following these steps can help you save on your electricity bill:

    • During the day, keep your air conditioner set to at least 78 degrees. Studies show this is the ideal middle ground between personal comfort and cost savings.
    • Unplug your appliances when you aren’t using them and turn off lights and fans when you leave a room.
    • Ensure that your windows and doors have proper weather stripping.
    • Get your air conditioning unit inspected before summer to ensure it is working efficiently. Make sure your AC lines are flushed and change out your air filters every 45 days.
    • If your budget allows, invest in Energy Star appliances. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a typical household with Energy Star appliances can save about $450 per year on their electricity bills.
    • Block the light from windows with energy-efficient curtains in the summer. In the winter, keep windows open for additional heat from the sun.
  • How do I switch power companies in Corpus Christi?

    Thanks to Texas’ deregulated energy market, switching power companies in Corpus Christi is easy. Simply enroll for new service with your provider of choice and they will likely handle the next steps. However, you may have to pay an early termination fee. Switching to Lone Star Energy only takes a few minutes. Visit our enrollment page, enter your zip code, click Continue, choose one of our Corpus Christi electricity plans and provide your other details and we will do the rest.
  • Who do I contact about a power outage in Corpus Christi?

    As the Transmission and Distribution Utility for Corpus Christi, AEP Texas will be your main point of contact if you are experiencing a power outage. You can report your power outage, downed trees or lights or potential power theft here.
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