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Available Electricity Plans in Victoria

Steeped in Texas history and known for its arts and parks, Victoria has much to love for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Located within two hours of Houston, San Antonio and the Gulf Coast, this diverse small city is often called the Crossroads of South Texas. Truly independent in spirit, Victoria does things its own way. Here at Lone Star Energy, we like to think we have that in common. That’s why we keep things simple by offering easy-to-understand power plans with competitive rates and friendly customer service. From renewable electricity plans to free nights and free weekends, we’ve got it all.

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Why Lone Star Energy?Why Lone Star Energy

Finding a great electricity provider in Victoria shouldn’t be hard. In a world of overly complicated power plans and endless options, it’s hard to know what a good deal is or who you can trust. We know how that feels, which is why we’ve set out to do something different. Instead of celebrity spokespeople and fancy gimmicks, we offer no-nonsense power plans, fair rates and the kind of customer service we’d want for our families. Founded in 2018, Lone Star has always been about doing things differently. After all, that’s the way it’s always been done in Texas. 

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About Victoria Texas

Why We Love Victoria

Perfectly placed on the banks of the Guadalupe River within a short drive of two of Texas’ largest cities and the Gulf Coast, Victoria comes by its nickname of the Crossroads of South Texas honestly. Far more than its location, this small city is home to such hotspots as the Texas Zoo, Nave Museum and the 1892 Victoria County Courthouse, an architectural marvel. Beyond the paddling trails and golf courses, places like Fossati’s Delicatessen, the oldest deli in Texas, make Victoria a great place to live. Diverse, easygoing and just a day trip away from much of what makes the Lone Star State great, there are plenty of reasons to love Victoria. 


How Do I Switch to Lone Star Energy?

It’s easy to join the Lone Star Energy family! All you need to do is:

  • 1Check when your current plan ends
  • 2Enter your zip code and click Shop Plans
  • 3Choose a plan and continue your enrollment
  • 4We’ll contact AEP Texas Central to complete your switch
  • 5Your new electricity plan will begin on your start date

There’s no need to contact your current provider; we’ll handle the switch for you. Plus, your service won’t be interrupted, and you’ll keep the same meter and power lines you had before. 

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We offer first-rate electricity service in deregulated communities throughout Texas. This includes: 

Frequently Asked Questions about Electricity Service in Victoria

  • Who do I contact about a power outage in Victoria?

    If you’re experiencing a power outage, contact AEP Texas Central here. You can also check the status of your outage, see alerts and view an outage map to see if the issue is impacting more areas of your neighborhood. Safety hazards, including trees that have fallen on power lines and downed wires that are sparking, should also be reported to AEP Texas Central.

  • How do I switch power companies in Victoria?

    Switching electricity providers in Victoria is easy. Find the electricity plan that you like and complete the enrollment process. It really is that straightforward. Your new supplier will contact your current electricity company to inform them of the switch. There’s no need for you to reach out or cancel your current power plan. You’ll automatically be switched over to the new electricity plan with no interruption to your service. Choose Lone Star Energy and we’ll ensure that AEP Texas Central knows about the switch so the service transition is seamless.

    One thing to watch out for is when your electricity plan ends. You won’t have to pay an early termination fee if you switch within 14 days of the end of your contract. 

  • How can I save on my electricity bill in Victoria?

    In addition to comparing the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) rates offered by different Retail Electricity Providers in Victoria, you can save on your electricity bill by first understanding how you use energy. Summers here are always hot, which is why this is likely to be your peak season of electricity use. For example, this is likely when you’ll see higher bills because of the need to run your air conditioner most of the day.

    While the summer heat is part of the deal here in Victoria, there are things you can do to limit how much electricity you need to use. This includes:

    • Get your air conditioner and heater inspected before the heat of summer or the chill of winter. This will help ensure they are working efficiently while decreasing the risk of having them go out when you need them.
    • Change out your air filter every 90 days (or more often if you have pets). This can help lower your air conditioner’s power use by five to 15 percent.
    • Invest in energy-efficient curtains and keep them closed during the day to avoid excess heat from the summer sun. You can open them during the winter to help warm your home.
    • Check the weather stripping on your doors and windows to prevent unnecessary air leaks.
    • Use LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs, which use about 80 percent less electricity.
    • Unplug appliances and turn off lights and ceiling fans in rooms that you are not in.
    • In the summer, set your air conditioner to 78 degrees to maximize energy efficiency.

    Take a look at your electricity bill to know exactly how much energy you use each month. You’ll quickly notice daily, weekly and seasonal changes that tell you when electricity is used the most. You can go a step further by doing an energy audit that takes a closer look at how energy is being used and where it’s being wasted. This provides a clear picture of improvements that can help you consume less electricity and lower your bill. Check out the Lone Star Energy blog for more tips on how you can save electricity. 

  • Is Victoria part of Texas’ deregulated energy market?

    Yes, Victoria is part of Texas’ deregulated energy market. This means you can shop for the best electricity plan that matches your budget and needs. Having so many electricity companies in your area gives you plenty of options to choose from. It also means that you have a lot of options in case you want to switch providers. 

  • Who provides electricity in Victoria?

    There are many electricity companies in Victoria that offer a wide range of plans for you to choose from, but only one entity is responsible for providing electricity to your home. AEP Texas Central is the Transmission & Distribution Utility (TDU) for Victoria and throughout much of South Texas. As the TDU, AEP Texas Central is responsible for checking meters and maintaining power lines. If you need to report a power outage or any other safety hazards, including downed power poles, you can reach AEP Texas Central on their website

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